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How do I handle this? Your situation is one many young women struggle with. They are trying to figure out how they feel about their guy, what their relationship is, and where it might go. Here are a few questions for you to think about. There are several things to factor in as you evaluate your relationship. Things like the level of trust, how well you communicate, and a respect for each other are better measurements of the status of a relationship that time passed.

18 and just wanna fuck

Sure, sexual intimacy, in the right context, can strengthen a relationship. But if you engage in sex too early it can also do considerable harm to your relationship. Physical intimacy can replace emotional intimacy, stunting the growth of the relationship and causing a great deal of pain and frustration as a result of unmet expectations.

Does he know how you feel and where your comfort zone ends? Let him know where you stand and what will happen if he pushes you. What is his reaction? Sure he might say all the right things, but what does he do? Is he respectful, staying clear 18 and just wanna fuck those boundaries, or does he keep pushing to see how close he can get, or if he can get past them? If he loved you as much as he says he does, he would respect the boundaries you have set. You deserve someone who puts you first.

This is a of a lack of trust and respect for your boundaries. After several months together, no matter how it ends it will hurt. They will help you work through these and any other questions you may have. In the end, our goal is to help you make the best decision for you, not what someone else wants for you. Because in the end, the decision whether or not to have sex should always be yours. Hi Annah, It says so much about you that reached out to us with your question! Good job listening to that voice inside! Now, just keep listening to it.

18 and just wanna fuck

Take a look at these other blogs. You have such incredible value and worth! Wait for that special guy who will see that and respect you. Hye I am not ready to do sex with my bf but when 1st tym he ask me for doing sex I refuse but from. Hi Aakira, Thanks for writing!

Trust can be built over a long period of time in a mutually monogamous relationship — where the focus is less on physical intimacy and more on building a healthy foundation of love, respect and friendship. And your happiness really does matter. Make decisions today that you can be proud of.

Make choices that will protect you not only physically, but also emotionally, relationally and even spiritually. After all, the decisions you make today will determine your future. Any guy worth keeping around will love and respect you enough to honor your boundaries and wait. Iam Becky and my boyfriend wants us to have a kid and i feel that am not ready yet. I love him so much. I don wanna lose him. What will i do. Should i let him go? Hi Becky, thanks so much for taking the time to write us! A healthy relationship is built on friendship, trust, honor, and dedication.

Relationships take a lot of work and communication. Where will we be in 5 years? How about 10 years? I believe any guy worth keeping around will be willing to respect your desire to wait to have kids until the time is right for both of you. A healthy relationship is also where both people are pushing the other to be better 18 and just wanna fuck of themselves, rather than asking them to give up a piece of who they are.

18 and just wanna fuck

In order to love someone well, you must be willing to respect their boundaries and protect their heart. If your boyfriend is able to do this, then waiting to start a family will be as natural as waiting for any other major decision in life, like when to buy a home, or start a new career. So I hope that helps. Good luck…I wish you the very best for your future! And you absolutely deserve that Grace! The most meaningful relationships are those with mutual respect and a deep amount of trust. That takes time to develop.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months. Before we dated and even now, we were and are best friends. I really like him and really like being with him, and I value our time together. He almost acts like a different person, and I had even told him before that I want to do these things with him, but not all the time. He had respected that and i thought things would be a little different, but he still did some things like that to me, even when I had said I was tired.

18 and just wanna fuck

Thanks so much for reaching out with your questions. You did a great job of explaining your feelings and your situation. I wish I could sit down with you face-to-face and tell you how incredible you are!!! Here are a couple links to other blogs that might help you see how incredibly valuable you are and how importance it is for you to listen to that voice inside you! My name is lisa and my boyfriend and i have been dating for around 5 months now. However he does not want to leave me either. If i leave we would both get hurt, if i stay he said he would get hurt and that i would have to live with the hurt for 2 years.

18 and just wanna fuck

I really dont want to lose him but i dont want to hurt him either because i would not have sex. Is this really my fault? Im so confused and frustrated and sad i dont know what to do. Please help me. You deserve more. The best relationships, those that stand the test of time and storms, are those that are based on mutual trust, respect, patience and self-control. Our hope is that they would strengthen and encourage you as well. My bf is 3 years older than me.

He is sweet and nice. We have been dating since July 11, He has already told me he love me. He is really sweet. One day we were on the phone and he said he sees me in his future. I was my BFF house and she asked me how many kids i wanted. He was on the phone with me at the time. I said 0.

18 and just wanna fuck

I said by who? He said you. He recently went thru some tough stuff with an ex and he has trust issues. But he is a virgin and i am also a virgin. Then he said my gf reffering to me is a virgin soo…I said o ion plan on having sex till like Then he went on about how he was finna tell me about sex. I felt like it was gross and nasty.

He told me well whenever u feel comfortable u can do what u want. I want to be a vet and go to auburn i wanna finish school with at least a 3. I already knoe where i want to live when i leave college. The job i will have will be able to pay for my big dream house i did all the research and math for the money. I want to be successful in life. You knoe not having to ask anybody for anything i would be set. All Im wondering is…is he going to help me in life or bring me down.

I know it can be confusing at times but listen to that voice inside you! I know that kind of betrayal really hurts.

18 and just wanna fuck

In any relationship, you deserve a guy who wants to honor your desires. And your happiness really does matter! Make decisions today that you can be proud of tomorrow. Make choices that will protect you, not only physically, but also emotionally, relationally and even spiritually.

Im 20 years old and I am not ready to have sex yet. I just got into my first relationship with a guy. We havent even been dating a month talked for 2 months and sex has already been brought up. Hes not a virgin has only had sex once. Sex is something that I dont take lightly and its not like im not comfortable with him because I am. Im also nervous and hesitant to do other things with him and idk how to tell him. I dont know what to do or say because every time I try to I feel like I sound stupid and selfish. Any advice? After we received your question, along with a couple others, we realized this is something that a lot of girls are dealing with so we decided to write a blog about it.

You deserve the best possible future and we believe you can get there! This has happened so many times and I always get yelled at for being my fault. Thanks for contacting us!

18 and just wanna fuck

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