Adult granny sex contacts

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Believe you might handle a sexy Adult granny sex contacts GILFboth in the bedroom and out of it? Are you positive of your answer? Fantasising about screwing an older woman is one thing; actually going through with it is something else completely. These are women that are looking to explore their sexual depths, and if you are daring enough to jump along for the ride, you are going to need to prepare yourself for what she may toss your way.

Sexy granny Hazel, 57, London. Regardless of what sexual experiences Hazel might have had in her past, she is a granny looking for younger men. She had things she wanted to try with ner now ex-husband, but never had the courage to stand up and admit it. Why shouldn't she seek to fulfil her sexual thrills and desires with younger, more willing partners? Younger guys are meant to be more open-minded and thinking about sex all the time. Or at least that's what us women are lead to believe anyway.

Hazel admits she wants to try a variety of BDSM fantasies she's always thought about now that she's no longer married and has started flirting with men twenty years her junior. Hazel has admitted that she often dreamt of tying her ex-up and spanking his ass with a riding crop.

Adult granny sex contacts

However, her ex would never have entertained the idea of such a 'ludicrous' thought. On the other hand she is now free from being stuck in a boring marriage and whats to try younger men who she believes are much more adventurous and up for anything. Hazel confesses she has already had a great experience with one guy, but that she is now on a 'cougar prowl' to find other younger men she can repeat the experience with.

I think a lot has to do with my sexual experiences when I was much younger. I once had a fling with a 60 something year old when I was 22 and another with a 40ish woman when I just As it happens both where amazing in the sack, or maybe I was just inexperienced at the time! Gary, 37, North London. Hazel is perhaps typical of the older woman who suddendly finds herself free of a mundane relationship only to discover she's at a stage in her life Adult granny sex contacts her sexual vigour is through the roof.

Hazel believes she is hitting the prime of sex life, so she's looking for someone enthusiastic and energetic to explore mutual sexual fantasies with. She has had a new boost of sexual confidence after leaving her vanilla-sex husband. She's toned up her already great looking body which means her next partner will get the benefit of new wicked lingerie, liberated opnenness and various different sex positions she admits she's very keen to try. Hazel says she hadn't performed oral sex on her husband for years, yet says her next partners are likely to find her down on her knees pretty much permanently.

Adult granny sex contacts

That's what sexy seniors are like. It's unbelievable! I find them sexier, more appreciative, willing to experiment and generally more exciting to be with. When I was a teenager I had a of sexual experiences with older women.

Adult granny sex contacts

The most exciting was with a neighbour of ours who was 30 something when I was only I shall never forget her. Bruce, Middlesborough. Horny grannies Adult granny sex contacts to try all the sexual things they've never experienced, before it's too late.

Whether or not they admit it, they know they're going to dry up at some point and the last thing they want is regret. If you start flirting with a sexy senior, why not ask her what her fantasies are or what she's always wanted to try in bed? Cougars can give you the best sex of your life, if you are smart enough to let them.

All you need to do is treat her with respect out of the bedroommake sure that you are honest and truthful and never pressure her like a dependent child and you should have very eventful experiences But I still close my eyes and fantasise being with a much older lady who is demanding.

I'm sure my fantasy is probably a little better than reality, still I'd love to have sex with a lady right now. Malcolm, 43, West Midlands. Right, it's time to get to the heart of the matter; the real crux of it if you like?

You know the stuff you do in bed with younger women? Well you can't get away with that kind of basic sex stuff with a mature woman. It simply won't stir her. She's had her fill of faking orgasms and making suitable noises just to make a man feel good. She's at that point in her life where she wants to get off and immature fumbling and fondling just won't cut it for her these days.

Adult granny sex contacts

And, if you can't respond to her needs, she knows that there's plenty of other young willing guys waiting in line to do the job for you if you happen to come up short. The Body Language Her body language, mercifully, will give the game away much of the time. If there's nothing happening, it probably means she doesn't like what you're currently doing to her, so you will need to switch it up a few gears.

If you can't stir a response from her body, you're never going to be able to make her climax! It's hardly flattering is it? I consciously choose to boycott that term. Sorry if that makes me a party-pooper here. Mature ladies trying to cope with an older body, in spite of having a healthy sex-drive, are not helped by being labelled a granny. If you really need a label try 'Cougar', it works better. Madge, 67, Burton on Trent. If she makes little groaning noises, or a tiny noise escapes her throat, you can take it to mean she's enjoying what you are doing.

Grabbing the sheets with clenched fists, knees-trembling, arched back and pointing her toes are all extremely encouraging s that you're hitting the spot and turning her on. If you're not getting these reactions from her chances are she won't cum, and if you can't make her cum she can easily find someone else who will be more than willing to try. Horny cougars have no shortage of younger Adult granny sex contacts wanting NSA fun with them. Foreplay Foreplay is the ideal situation for finding out what she likes in the bedroom.

If her back arches each time you touch one of her nipples, play with her nipples even more. If she breaks out in goosebumps when you gently kiss and caress her neck you should take note and do it all the more, and combine kissing and carressing with some nipple play. It shouldn't be too difficult to give her pleasure, as long as you listen to her body and concentrate on those areas where you see positive reactions. I'm 43 and have been married twice to women younger than me. Now I'm with a woman 15 years my senior. Our relationship is exceptionally good and the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had and not just the sex, everything.

Len, Dundee. These are all obvious things you ought to be doing in the bedroom anyway, but with younger more inexperienced women you might get away with simply jumping straight in to their honey pot. The older woman won't stand for that at all. She's a horny granny right now, and she wants to achieve a climax just like you do. It's give and take with cougars — it is a sharing of the experience and mutual sexual gratification. Take it from us, when we say that having a cougar relationship is no one-sided affair.

If you're really struggling Adult granny sex contacts reach the end game, you should ask her to show you what she likes? She'll love your thoughtfullness, and you'll probably get a very educational and highly erotic demonstration too. You'd be surprised how sexually expressive an older women can be. Ask Questions You can ask her questions, but don't ask too many as you don't want it to come across like she is being sexually interrogated -unless that's part of the game play.

Pupil and headteacher role play scenarios spring to mind. If this is the case crack on: Do you like that? How does this feel? Show me where you want me to put my hands. The first time I had sex with an older woman she took the lead over me. I remember being so exciting I thought I was going to burst.

Adult granny sex contacts

I'm 67 now and thinking about her is very exciting still. Richard, London. In a power play situation these sorts of questions have the potential to make her go weak at the knees. Even if you don't get things just right, you'll probably earn some brownie points for at least trying to figure out what she wants. To a mature cougar you will look trainable, if you show willingness to learn, and this could save you from being kicked into touch. When a Cougar warms to your approaches it's an indication that some hot sexy stuff is about to happen.

Do you want to chat? That doesn't necessarily mean that's all she's in for. It could mean she Adult granny sex contacts you'll make a move on her. Surely you know that when you hear 'let's chat' it often means 'let's see where this goes'!

If you've had a great time with a granny, exchanging flirty messages, laughing and enjoying a bit of sexual banter, and she opens up about her sex wish list, you'd better be prepared to make your move. If not, you're just wasting a great opportunity and why would you want to do that? The whole idea with these horny grannies is to see how well you get on with each other and be ready to ratchet things up a tad.

I never acted on this attraction until I became single in We had a secret relationship for four months she was married before I had to relocate for work. I'm now married to a woman three years younger than me and although we are very much in love with each over, I still have the urge to have sex with a mature cougar. Paul, Portsmouth. These mature women want more than just to pass away the time of day with idle chat. Metaphorically speaking if you aren't lightly brushing her hair from her face or touching her arm as you chat, you're not doing a very good job of flirting.

Adult granny sex contacts

It's only a small step from flirting to copping a feel and a full blown virtual affair. Flirting is a vital part of the cougar-younger guy combination. She probably didn't get a lot of attention from her ex-husband towards the later years of their marriage, and she's craving attention now. You showed her attention and that's why she's interested in you right now.

But if you don't show her enough attention, she's going to lose interest in you fairly quickly. Compliments go a long when you want to secure the interests of an older woman. In fact, the same can be said for most women out there. If she has a great body, tell her.

If you like the way she dresses, tell her. It doesn't matter whether it's your first contact, or you've been chatting and building things up for a while, paying a lady lots of compliments will always stand you in good stead.

You see — older ladies aren't so difficult to understand after all, are they? In return from a bit of dedication and attention on your part, you will Adult granny sex contacts a woman that already knows the ropes in the bedroom. She's already going to know a lot more than you.

Adult granny sex contacts

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