Amazing dick right now

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We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have Amazing dick right now no idea what to do with it and least of all how to suck it. You see, in my experience, I have found that sucking a small dick and sucking a big dick both have different techniques and both require different attention. You can read my advice on how to suck a small dick here. I have had plenty of practice with different sized dicks and I found that big dicks are some of the hardest to master.

The first thing I am going to do is let you in on one of my biggest and best-kept secrets. I used to have the WORST gag reflex, anything used to make me retch even brushing my teeth so you can imagine how hard it was for me to suck big dick without gagging.

You can also my private membership for even more erotic stories, Amazing dick right now, and pictures. You can also apply it to any other erogenous zones such as the nipple or clitoris to make them tingle too. I used to gag from the simplest of things and when I started spraying these before giving oral sex it made me feel so much more confident and actually allowed me to try out all of the moves I wanted without worrying about gagging. Just fake it until you make it. I have learned over the years that the majority of men LOVE a woman or man!

When you have a big dick in front of you, take it with your hand, use some of this flavored lube and start by playing with the tip of the penis with your tongue. Take your tongue and let it linger around the tip, make swirling motions with your tongue and gently use your lips to take the head into your mouth.

Teasing your partner is not just a turn on but it does things to your body that makes you inflamed with desire. Gently take your tongue and run it along his shaft and make sure to miss the tip of his penis, it will drive him wild. Just be confident, shut your eyes and imagine what would feel good. Big dick can be a little intimidating especially for people like me who have a bad gag reflex as I mentioned before, but there are things you can do and they even make sex essentials for guys or gals like us.

I use this cream and the spray combined most of the time and they really do help me to feel more confident about my abilities and allow me to really give the best pleasure I can to my boyfriend. This cream does take a while to work around 10 minutes so you can either apply it before you even begin it during use it during foreplay, which is what I do.

Amazing dick right now

This cream is also really discreet to be kept inside your handbag or bedside cabinet and you do get lots of uses inside one tube. Enthusiasm is key. Something I used to do to make myself more confident is turn off all of the lights and have my partners wear a blindfold and that allowed me to just let go of any confidence issues. However, deep throating can be a daunting task when someone has a big dick.

You can also make sure you have lots of saliva on his penis to mimic the sensations of a pussy, pair this with some of this flavored lube and it will feel amazing for him and taste amazing for you. Go down on him, get to the point you feel comfortable with, and allow saliva to awash his penis, trust me on this one. Stimulating the tip of his penis is like sucking on your clitoris. Amazing dick right now you can perfect this technique then you can become a professional in your own right at sucking dick.

Stimulate his penis with your tongue, plenty of salivae and even some flavored lube if you have it to hand. Watch his face and see what he responds best too and even ask him what would feel good, each man is different just like women and their clits! Actually asking your partner what he likes or what he thinks he will like is a huge turn on and it actually allows you to give the best blowjob, it shows enthusiasm on your end and it means he will get the best oral sex ever.

You can also practice on large objects if you have a dildo or even a large enough penis-shaped object to hand practice taking that into your mouth and do all of your best moves. Take yourself out of the moment and just imagine what would feel good for you and practice those moves. This tip works best if you are already in a relationship, firstly he gets lots of blowjobs and you learn exactly what he likes. Take your thumb and wrap it under your index finger, it should now be resting on your middle finger, squeeze down with your index finger and now test your gag reflex with your right hand and you should notice your gag reflex has gone or has been suppressed.

Amazing dick right now

Although I disagree with it if your partner has a bad habit of pushing your head down his shaft when he gets too carried away and activating your gag reflex, something you can do is use your hands. Firstly, it feels great to mix your hands and mouth when sucking dick but it also stops your mouth going any further than you want it too.

By using your hands it also means you can focus on the tip of the penis whilst your hands do all of the hard work, make sure you use lots of saliva and lube to make it as slippery as possible. Use plenty of lube and saliva and work in rhythm, you may also find that with enough practice you can go further down the shaft that you could ly as you practice and work with your gag reflex.

Amazing dick right now

I created this blog to share my sexual experiences along with the experiences of people from all walks of life. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing for it. about me. I live in Granbury Texas and I would love to suck a mans dick slow and long and very deep! May I suck your dick if you live in Granbury or on the lake Granbury? I am looking for real to suck a dick so if you want to let me suck you and live in this area get back to me. I would love to try sucking on a nice big juicy dick and deep throat him as well until I feel him explode in my mouth and throat guys.

I find if you soak your throat with the pre cum and let it swill around when he grabs your head and pushes it in you are already lubed and squeeze your throat around the head and he will explode. Amazing dick right now will be his first man on man experience and i want it to be awesome for him. Thank you! Also that gag reflex hack is the truth!

These tips are something i learned along the way by sucking dicks for like 5 years all ready. My jaws get tired, too. Then I just lay on my back on the bed, with my head hanging off the end. Then a man can throat fuck me with no effort on my part. I finally sucked my first cock. Medium girth. I made him moan so I think I did good. However my co-worker and I have been teasing each other about hooking up. My boyfriend and I had a bdsm session where I fully dominate him.

I have strapon screwed him before but I found out he never sucked cock. After we played I strapped on a 9in.

Amazing dick right now

Wide dildo and made him kneel. In a dominant voice I ordered him to open wide and when he did I surprised him by shoving it balls deem down his throat cutting off his breath. I pulled out so he could breath surprising both of us he could swallow the whole thing. He asked for more so I fucked his mouth several more times pulling free offering him free cock sucking lessons. He was born to swallow, a real turn on. I quit screwing his ass and took up watching his suck me off. I sure miss sucking a nice cock!

Sucking 2 at the same time right about now would be awesome. I must confirm the magical thumb trick! He was a closet bisexual and loved to take it in the ass. I was more interested in pussy Amazing dick right now having a steady gf on the side. It was exciting to date a guy whom I could fuck rather than him fucking me. My bf was a serious pain addict and begged me to be his SM Mistress. I actually got quite good at giving whippings. We attended a wild party and after drinking and smoking some good weed my bf and I connected up with a married couple.

I made out with the wife and my bf had fun with the guy. This lady went down on me licking my pussy while I watched my bf try to suck the guys huge cock. I was sorry and ashamed to find out my bf was a lousy cock sucker. I was turned on getting licked as this hot chick licked to to several orgasms. My bf did get the guy hard and I watched him get impaled looking quite worried about his size. It turned me on actually to watch him take dick. My lady lover wanted my tongue so I positioned her so I could keep watching the guys go at it.

I have a long tongue so I snaked it into her vagina and gave her a tongue fucking driving her wild. My bf was taking a hard fuck crying out on every thrust forward. He proved to me he was definitely bi but needed how to suck cock. My bf tried to swallow but come dropped down his chin. Afterwards we exchanged info with the couple.

I grabbed my bf by his stiff cock pushed him into a corner Amazing dick right now gave him a real suck until he exploded swallowing each squirt one after another. Grabbing him by the balls and squeezing until he cried out I told him it embarrassed me that he was such a lousy cock sucker and I was going to give him some lessons. I had my eye on a cute single guy with a long limp cock looking lonely. I strolled over to him smiling grabbed his cock started stroking as I whispered what I desired of him.

He told me he just broke up with his lover so I asked him if I could use his cock to give my bf a cock sucking lesson. After hearing that his cock started getting hard. We found a large leather chair for my new stud and we knelt in front so we could pass his cock back and forth.

I played follow the leader showing my bf how to suck and lick the glans then had him do the same. My bf was only doing fair but the stud was getting excited by my own sucking. I showed him how to lick the sensitive underside and the stud enjoyed my bf doing that. The stud squirmed on the chair when we each took turns sucking his balls. Pulling the balls away from the body helps stop premature ejaculation. We took turns swallowing his now ten inch cock.

My bf choked when the head hit his uvula. When it was my turn after sucking for a few minutes with lots of saliva I swallowed his cock down to his balls. Holding my breath I slid my tongue back and forth on the underside making him really squirm. The stud gave me two thumbs up then grabbed my bf by the back of his head forcing him back to work fucking his face. The stud just gave me a nasty grin as my bf choked his way through learning how to swallow. My bf leaned over the back of the chair as I watched the stud stand behind find his anus with the head of his long cock.

My bf cried it as the whole shaft slowly snaked inside. My bf was shaking barely able to stand having never felt such a large cock inside his ass. The stud kidding told me that my bf was a better fuck than a cock sucker because he was so tight. My bf was getting it bareback because I wanted the stud to Amazing dick right now in his ass.

Amazing dick right now

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