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As I am working from my office on a typical day running my brand, fulfilling orders, deing new pieces to add to the line I often get stopped with what I am doing with a text or a tag of someone somewhere wearing HSFT with a smile on their face. Its a great feeling She shared one of the photo's above of a complete stranger wearing the wide neck fleece and because Look for for some fun today too is a fan of the brand it complelled her to go and say hello.

I have to stop a minute and see just how beautiful that is. To think that a simple brand sharing a simple message could evoke that kind of reaction and response from people is truly a gift and a miracle in today's world. One that I am forever grateful to be a part of. When strangers can be united in conversation about a shared love of something positive it is a beautiful thing. I am more than happy to de the brand that people go out of their way to wear and share to create good vibes wherever they go, be it a vacation, a holiday, to work, the gym or wherever their life takes them.

Have Some Fun Today is a brand for living life and creating special moments to cherish with familyfriends and yes even strangers we meet:. The code is : Pride. View Post. As I remember, it was during the height of the Covid while we were in lockdown with my daughters and my boyfriend Jay that we would discuss all kinds of things together. As I looked to de a new round of products that bear my brands mantra and my name, I wanted to do my homework on what recycled materials, dead stock and eco friendly materials I could incorporate to push Have Some Fun Today to be more sustainable and eco conscious.

The news was good, I had options and it was time I felt for not only the message of Have Some Fun Todaybut also time to be more responsible as a "maker" about what I make, where and how. So that is what I did. We introduced our first collection of Sustainable Bags in January We have three styles : The Deluxe Shopper which is fully made from recycled cotton canvas and comes in two colors: Ivory and Black.

It has a zip top closure and an additional Look for for some fun today zip pocket to keep your valuables secure. We also have our classic: The Luxe Tote which is now made from recycled cotton canvas with soft leather shoulder straps and leather applique and we added a new color way in a warm tan shade in addition to the classic ivory and black.

Lastly, we are introducing a new de named for my mother called The Elaine Tote. This style has lots of new features: recycled cotton canvas body, a soft leather base and brushed gold feet, matching leather applique and straps with brushed gold hardware. A back pocket that is also a luggage slip when traveling. This bag is fully lined in recycled cotton batiste and has a roomy inside zip pocket. The way I look at it, if we are going to all this effort to make products to remind people to find more joy in lifewe might as well do our part to also care about our planet, to re-use what we can and also to use as many biodegradable materials as we can.

To help you get in the mood to Have More Fun in shop our line of all kinds of things to help guide you and remind you that life should be full of joy. Sustainablefashion sustainability Queenofraw stephaniebeneditto Deluxeshopper sustainable ecofriendly organiccotton biodegradable recycledfabric repurposed. New year, new president, and new outlook on life in Last month I shared what helped me feel nurtured on the outside and this month and in the coming months I will continue to share the things, the practices, the products and the people that help me always be moving toward my most authentic and healthy self so that I and the people around me can Have Some Fun everyday:.

Look for for some fun today

For many years I have known that we as humans should look at all aspects of our lives as being fully integrated in order to get the most out of life. So that means our work, our passions, our hobbies, our relationships, our physical presence and our internal state are all part of who we are as uniquely different and special people. Recently in a conversation with one of my best friends, as we chatted about the concept of self "work", the word work can often misrepresent what that really is.

When I say I am doing the workI'm really saying I am loving myself and nurturing my relationship with myself. That is really the truth of the matter and when you are committed to discovering your authentic self and realizing your true potential, doing "the work" is a fun and healthy addiction.

One of the major components of this self work is taking a better look at your health. I for one have long been a proponent of a healthy lifestyle with what I eat and drink and this includes the supplements I take. Luckily for me I have a sister who is a nutritionist and she has been amazing in sharing her expertise and getting to know other health and wellness practicioners that take longevity of our bodies very seriously.

A healthy happy life needs a healthy body. Along with my daily health regimen I have recently become mildly obsessed with sleep. For years I just complained about it, blaming my bad sleep patterns on my malfunctioning hips. But even though it improved after my pain was gone through hip surgery, I had adopted some bad habits that also interfered with my sleep like watching TV in bed into late hours at night. It was only after watching a MasterClass with Look for for some fun today Walker on sleep, that I set out to change my nightly routine to get a better quality sleep that will help me thrive in every area of my wellness.

Look for for some fun today

I strongly recommend checking that class out; it will rock your world! Once you make a plan and get a routine going, it is so much easier to feel good and feel ready for some fun. With new energy heading our way, maybe it's time to look at your current routine both inside and outside your body and make some tweaks?

Look for for some fun today

Take a deep breathe, I feel better energy is on the way - what has happenned in your life came to show you something. Even reading these words is happening because there is something here for you. That is what the Have Some Fun Today community is all about after all.

For many of us it has been a year of restraint and choice. The facts are that life changed this year. We had to go inside ourselves to create a to do list of how to come out of this on top. One of the areas that I personally found comforting was how I managed my self care.

This is an area that I believe is very important when you want to live your best life. Wellness and self care are broad areas to talk about. I was in my early 30's when I started to realize that I had to make an effort if I wanted to be happy and confident about the person I put out to the world and that would be reflected not only in my physical appearance, but also my attitude, my work, my family and all things that I am passionate about. So recently when one of my readers asked if I would do a blog with my beauty product picks, I decided to share what I have been exploring and loving this past year.

Why do I love these potions and cremes and serums so much? I'm not really sure other than I know that taking the time to research and explore and use these products just makes me feel good.

Look for for some fun today

So without further ado I will share my list of moisturizers, skin resurfacing cremes and nourishing serums that helped make me feel pampered through one of the most challenging years of our lifetime. Dark Spot Corrector - Dr. That's a hefty list and who's to say what all these cremes and potions really do.

I know the science supports it, but what is more important is that it feels good. In a world where we are being challenged daily it's important to have our little rituals that help us feel cared for. I have always been a believer in having a good foundation in all aspects of life and our bodies are no exception. I'd rather slather high quality products on my body than cheap ingredients and I'd rather focus on my foundation than distract myself with mindless activities.

The quality of your life is really the quality of your choices and to be in the mindset to Have Some Fun Today it takes a firm and strong foundation. Self Care is one of the pillars of that foundation. As we take a step closer to a new year instead of resolutions maybe we just need to take a look at the quality of our foundations? What are yours? Here are some fun ideas to help you navigate the holidays with a festive spirit despite all the constraints of life in First of all - Let's start with a clean palette - take a few hours to clean up your main living space.

If you find yourself with a bunch of odds and ends that you really don't need consider a donation to a local shelter. Many of them accept donations of basics like clean blankets and other household necessities. Start by making a list of the people you want to Look for for some fun today something to. But to make this season more festive, giving gifts with meaning is really where it's at. Create Some Fun Activities - Ok, so I'm not a baker or a crafter and I don't even do a very good job lighting a fire with wood in my fireplace, but I think this year I'm going to be adventurous and HSFT with a few group holiday activities.

Ornament making - After googling DIY ornament making ideas I saw so many fun ways to spend an afternoon with my daughters, mom and nieces making customized ornaments. My favorite one was an easy tutorial on painted ornaments with a touch of copper metallic trim.

Baking something naughty but healthy - I know, I'm so boring because I really don't crave or eat sweets, but this holiday I think it would be fun to select a cool and yummy recipe to make together. Like the Carrot Cake I saw on the Goop Instagram that is gluten-free, dairy-freesoy-free and supposedly tastes great! I am dying to make this over the holidays with the help of my girls and mom.

Creative Wrapping Party - This sounds like so much fun to me: Over the covid 19 lockdown my girls and I got into painting and all kinds of artsy endeavors. Purchase some plain white or brown craft paper or even use the newspaper as the base. Pull out the acrylic paints and even add a little glitter to make your wrapping paper customized to the person you are gifting. To me this doesn't have to be reciprocated or planned.

One of the things I find joyful is giving gifts. A little HSFT item would be ideal : - the feeling you will receive spreading some love is worth it! Holiday Playlist Perfection : Whether it is classic Holiday tunes or mixing genres, I think it could be a lot of fun to create some holiday playlists and share them with your friends. After all these next two months are going to be a lot of nights in with the fam and we want to make this memorable, so it's gonna take some effort and planning. Whether your into AppleMusicor Amazon Music and the featured holiday playlists or if you love creating your own on Spotify or do the Pandora thing- music is a backdrop for memories and good moments shared.

Give Back - For anyone who can give their time to a soup kitchen over the holidays here is a link for you to check out no matter where you live. With all that has happenned this year, more people are homeless and hungry than ever before. Please consider doing something. You can find out how to go in person to volunteer, or you can make a monetary donation online or also visit the organizations Amazon wishlist to order supplies they need like underwear, shampoo, fresh socks and clean Look for for some fun today tee shirts.

Do Something. Do what you can - It feels good. Write a note to each member of your family on Christmas Day. I have done this for years for my family and I feel it is truly the best gift to share with people what they mean to you and why. Now more than ever, family- if you have one; needs to be valued and appreciated. What a wonderful gift it is to share with others the qualities you cherish about them. Try that this year and feel the joy that brings.

Include someone who needs people around. I know this one may be tricky, but if you can make it work in some way please include someone in some way over the holidays either in your gathering or by bringing something to them. Not everyone has a family or access to them. Sharing some extra love with someone not so fortunate is a great way to spread love and right now the world needs as much love as we can create this Show your gratitude. Whether it is a polite thank you, a huge hug or a handwritten thank you note, let's be mindful of saying thanks to each and every person that is part of your holiday celebrations.

So often we rip open the gifts and in 10 minutes we are left with a heap of wrapping paper on the floor and a let down feeling.

Look for for some fun today

Take the time to watch others receive their gifts, and to enjoy the warm feelings of gift exchange as it is meant to bring. Giving thanks is one way of making the world smile. Pitch in for the holiday feast preparations and the cleaning up. Why not blast some holiday music as you all do your jobs to make that holiday meal a success? There is nothing more fun to me than when my family is playing some Frank Sinatra and we have our aprons on, champagne flutes clanking, laughter, stories being told and everyone taking part in the cooking and the cleaning up.

It's not the girls job, make it an all family endeavor and it will truly be the best holiday ever. I hope this little list gives you some fresh ideas to making more out of what many will look at as a challenging holiday. Wherever there are challenges, there are also opportunities.

Look for for some fun today

I can remember being in my grandmothers kitchen surrounded by grown ups and listening to their chatter as kids raced in and out of the room grabbing food from the holiday platters. I liked being around the adults and hearing what their lives sounded like and I would think to myself, when I grew up things would magically work out in some amazing kind of way. I dreamed of being a famous deer. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make clothes or de houses and yet I also loved to draw and paint, but that in my mind was secondary to the deing, to me the art was a means to an end.

Look for for some fun today

Then I grew up. In a flash I was in college studying advertising because art school was out of the question for some reason. Advertising seemed as creative as I could get with a college degree and it wasn't until I spent a summer in a little town in southern France being an au pair that I knew I needed to go to Parsons for fashion de. My parents agreed that if I could get accepted to Parsons, I could go. That was very generous of them to say the least.

I was the oldest of 5 children and by that time they already had 3 kids in college and now I wanted to extend my higher education with a second degree in NYC! Parsons was hard. It was competitive like nothing I had ever experienced, but I had something inside me and I knew had to try.

Look for for some fun today

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