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I found it fascinating how this writing brought out our assumptions, hopes, and fears. Lots to think about in using this method! As you know, we live in very different times these days. Everyone loved Petey — he competed on those animal game shows and also featured in pranks that I carried out — he had 8 million followers and multiple brand deals. Sadly, Petey and I were up to our antics again the other day — we went to the store and tried to scare people by having Petey hide in the broccoli.

One lady jumped so much that the jar of peanut butter in her basket fell out and hit Petey on the head. The old guy was just not able to handle that and he croaked. We had a beautiful funeral for him — broadcasted on Instagram and archived forever on YouTube.

Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak

So, what do I do? Do I delete the Instagram ? Is there any way I can salvage the fame that Petey and I spent so much time working to accumulate? More importantly, what is the best way to make sure he is remembered respectfully? Thanks for your letter — Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak things are never easy!

And that he was such a profitable pet for you. Yes, we all want to be respectful — and you probably know as well as I do that there are protocols for that these days. When someone — pet or person — dies, Facebook turns their into a virtual museum of sorts.

In turn, Instagram sends you a printed photo book of their best shots and a USB, and then archives the forever in its databases. You Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak, a prop. You fed him, looked after him, and helped him do his thing. But the real charisma in these photos is Petey and his one-toothed grin. People loved him, and rightly so. His collabs with famous YouTubers were hilarious — like the episode of My Drunk Kitchen where Hannah Hart almost cooked him along with the lobster!

Fans were seriously concerned. I bet you look into his now empty artificial pond every day and ask yourself that. The hundreds of Insta videos, stories, and pictures — they not only tell the story of a witty turtle but also the best way to get rich and famous using Instagram.

No more taking a side role, no more doing the grunt work — get your influencer swagger on, Petey style. As we can see, the first thing you need to do is to set up an — something along the lines of a theme you can really get behind. Petey was about pranks, turtle identity, and making fast food great again.

He went and liked all of the influencer s on these topics. Then he started to post stylized photos of these things, and established influencers liked him back. Only by learning from your turtle friend will you ever make a successful life for yourself CTW. And Petey will be smiling down at you from heaven, taking selfies and swimming in a divine pond. One of the reasons I wanted to attend the conference is that a of students have approached me for advice about researching topics that bring together games and social media.

Another reason is that when spending time with and reading the work of games scholars, I continue to have lightbulb moments where the crossover between their research and that of social media scholars becomes even more apparent.

Those are my thoughts. However, sometimes we hold our own conferences and have our own talks, classes, and spaces. On that note, Professor Mia Consalvo and I have been working on a 1-day workshop, called Going Livewhich brings games studies scholars and social media scholars together to discuss live streaming technologies and cultures. Oh, to have seasons again! The fact that summer only lasts a handful of months in Canada adds to its pertinence — and even more for profs whose summer is marked by the temporal boundaries of semesters finishing and commencing.

Anyways, all that to say there was a lot to do and some adventures were had. My international conferencing took place in May and early June this year. The European heat wave and thousands of scholars distributed between two hotels made this conference feel like it was buzzing with non-stop activity. I presented a new take on the microcelebrity-like strategies that some of my participants demonstrated on Instagram and Vine. Amidst this intensive conferencing, I also managed to see some sights, eat a Trdelnik filled with ice cream, and have one of the best cappuccinos of my life at Onesip Coffee.

It consisted of two fantastic days of presentations and chats with scholars similarly immersed in questions concerning digital technology and sexuality, gender, intimacy, kinship, and identity. I gave a talk about the intimate networked counterpublic of queer female Viners that once existed. I asked those present to ponder with me what kind of platform infrastructures, policies, and practices are conducive to the formation of such collectives and where else they might emerge across the web, apps, or platforms.

As part of a team of experts, I taught about platform moderation and policies relating to hate-speech and censorship as well as technocultures that give rise to harassment and discrimination against marginalized users. I also taught the walkthrough method for analyzing apps to attune the students to biases that become programmed into software.

Visiting the same office space where my PhD had taken shape was definitely nostalgic! I gave a presentation to the graduate students about the North American job market, sharing about my experience of the application and interviewing process.

Having deferred my graduation ceremony the year, I finally crossed the stage in my floppy hat and robe! Nothing like tradition and celebration to bring closure to such a ificant and transformational period of life. Well done, Stef! Returning to Montreal in August, I hit the ground running with four weeks of intensive French classes! Administered through Concordia Continuing Educationour fantastic instructor Florence brought energy to the morning classes, which were filled with interactive activities.

The course reminded me of the full spectrum of being Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak student, from the expectations, the hope, and the pride that comes with rising to a challenge all the way to the exam stress and fatigue. Having a fresh view of these feelings will add to my perspective in the upcoming semester as I aim to be attuned to the full range of highs and lows involved in the learning process. Now the air is a little more crisp and the hallways are increasingly busier. Every week, I developed lectures and tried out new learning activities — some with more success than others.

And students brought their sharp minds to the material, raising questions I had yet to explore, bringing in creative ways of understanding concepts, and connecting topics to their lived experiences. The students also worked in groups to explore a range of youth-driven media relating to particular causes. This class was all about reinventing and reimagining the current gender inequalities that are programmed into technologies and reinforced through technological practices.

From day one, we brainstormed these problem areas and what issues needed to be addressed. Lex ran us through national and international concerns over technology-facilitated violence against women, addressed in a Citizen Lab submission to the United Nationsand Tina gave us an intro to cryptography and metadata. Projects took all shapes, from podcasts to interactive presentations and videos, like a PSA that addressed abstinence-only responses to sexting.

It was inspiring to start making connections around Montreal! Had a great morning exchanging ideas with labCMO folks! And I found time to binge watch the entire reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix. It inspired me to look at past scholarly critiques of the classic show and see if they still stand spoiler alert: many doleading to this Conversation article and several lively chats. There were always exciting things happening around the department and associated spaces, like our rad Feminist Media Studio.

It was also an exciting day when my new equipment arrived, alleviating my whirring Macbook Air from its ongoing pain.

Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak

Cross-posted from the Social Media Collective blog. Instead, his story focused mainly on athletes using Grindr, an app for men seeking men, and included enough personal information about individuals to identify and out them.

Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak

After the article was criticized as dangerous and unethical across media outlets and social media, the Daily Beast replaced it with an apology. However, decisions to publish articles like this are made based on assumptions about who uses dating apps and how people share information on them.

Ethical breeches like the one made by the Daily Beast will continue unless we address the following three erroneous assumptions:. Dating apps provide many spaces for generating content, such as user profiles, and some app architectures are increasingly including features geared toward shareability. This creates a platform-supported means of sharing profiles to individuals who may never have encountered them otherwise. Dating websites have always required a and password to access their services.

Dating apps are no different in this sense — regardless of whether users through Facebook authentication or create a newdating apps require users to be members. This creates a shared understanding of the boundaries of the app and the information shared within it. Everyone is implicated in the same situation: on a dating app, potentially looking for sexual or romantic encounters.

A similar boundary exists for me when I go to the gay bar; everyone I encounter is also in the same space so the information of my whereabouts is equally as implicating for them. Assumption 2. Personal information on dating apps is readily available and therefore can Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak publicized.

Many arguments about data ethics get stuck debating whether information shared on social media and apps is public or private. In actuality, users place their information in a particular context with a specific audience in mind. The violation of privacy occurs when another party re-contextualizes this information by placing it in front of a different audience. Although scholars have pointed out that re-contextualization of personal information is a violation of privacy, this remains a common occurrence even across academia. Despite the growing body of research confirming that this is exactly how users view and manage their personal information, I have come across many instances where researchers have re-published screenshots of user profiles from dating apps without permission.

As an academic community, we need to identify this as an unethical practice that is potentially damaging to research subjects. Dating app companies also perpetuate the assumption that user information can be shared across contexts through their de choices. Recently, Tinder launched a new feature in the US called Tinder Social, which allows users to with friends and swipe on others to arrange group hangouts.

Since users team up with their Facebook friends, activating this feature lets you see everyone else on your Facebook who is also on Tinder with this feature turned on. As others have pointed outjust because same-sex marriage and other rights have been won by lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, and queer LGBTQ people in some countries, many cultures, religions, and political and social groups remain extremely homophobic. Re-contextualization of intimate and sexual details shared within the boundaries of a dating app not only constitutes a violation of privacy, it could expose people to discrimination, abuse, and violence.

Many of them were out to a certain degree, posting about Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak political views and displaying their relationships in ways that resonated with friendly audiences but eluded potentially homophobic audiences like coworkers or older adults. Their practices are not clear-cut since different social media spaces mean different things to users.

Another woman spoke about cross-posting Vines to friendly LGBTQ audiences on Tumblr but keeping them off of Instagram and Facebook where her acquaintances were likely to pick fights over political issues.

Looking to fuck Chat-e Atrak

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