Sexy maid Richmond

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Our typical Client thinks out of the box when it comes to sexy entertainment value. Our typical Client is a person or couple who le a discreet lifestyle of fun and entertainment. Our typical Client is usually a hard working busy professional and often does not have the energy to cook, clean, or do light housekeeping chores during the week or month. Our typical Client is secure in his belief system and understands that sexual advertising by models, sells trillions of dollars a year in products and services in the United States.

Our Client enjoys our cleaning service and of course, watching our bikini or lingerie clad Maid, clean and cook in the privacy of their own home. All Client and Maid identity and personal information is strictly confidential. As for the appointment time, the Client shows a picture ID to verify identity when the Maid arrives on location.

After putting on her bikini or lingerie, the Maid will go with the Client for a quick "walk through" of the areas of Client interest, to be cleaned in the allotted time purchased by the Client. Our service includes cooking, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, bed making, laundry, polishing, picking up, and other light tasks. Now you will need to supply the cleaning supplies as the lovely Maid couldn't possibly tote all the necessary cleaning items. Our Sexy maid Richmond will do any of the following, special arrangements can be made by request. It was the best 3 hours of my life this year.

I already booked a 12 month weekly cleaning contract. The price is great. The Maid is beautiful. No more housekeeping stress, at least for 3 hours a week. Jimmy J. Carol M. What an experience. The girl was HOT, plus friendly! I will be using this cleaning service again, soon. Billy S. Kenova, WV My husband had them come over and honestly it was a great time, did I mention I didn't have to do the cooking or cleaning! Can't ask for more than that. Cathy W. The best anniversary gift I have ever gotten my husband! He loved it! I totally would recommend it to anyone looking for a great, safe but fun time!!

Can't wait to book them again! Sally F. Nitro, WV Forget the strip clubs. This is much better without the loud noise and dark lights and my MAID cooked and cleaned for me. What a great 3 hours on a Friday night after work.! John S. Not to say, the pleasure hearing the vacuum cleaner running and Sexy maid Richmond not doing it!

Proctorville, OH Where else can you watch a beautiful sexy girl clean in a bikini and enjoy a clean house afterwards. Nasir E. Ashland, KY I am always looking for ways to keep from having to cook or clean up the dishes afterwards on a long day at work. I am glad to have a service like this in our area. John W. Charleston, WV Wow! I took advantage of the two maid special discount for my first cleaning job.

Sexy maid Richmond

Now that is value if I ever heard of entertainment and cleaning value, rolled into one. Winfield, W V. We offer a wide range of packages for different lifestyles. Please view the options below and pick the one that best suits your specific needs. If you're not sure about all this, why not give us a try with our simple sampler? This is our most elite package, our Maid s will bend over backwards to get your home clean. Party hosting services are available upon request. Maids are available for fundraising opportunities.

Some commonly asked questions. Please browse this section before contacting us with inquiries. A: Absolutely not! We are not an escort service and do not encourage or sell services that. If you Sexy maid Richmond looking for sex, massage, or an escort service; please DO NOT or read any further. Our Client just happens to receive some added entertainment value because we allow the Client to watch our young and sexy Maid, while she cleans and cooks in a bikini or lingerie.

Sexy maid Richmond

NO physical contact is allowed at anytime with the Maid. NO pictures or videos may be taken at anytime, while the Maid is on site working. A: We attract a professional niche market of consumers that enjoy going to places like Hooters, Night Clubs, etc. A: Before you give us a call, to schedule your bikini Maid service, you should take the time to read the FAQ's. Please note our pricing schedule Our maid service pricing is based on an hourly rate. First, you will need to call us during our office hours listed under the contact tab on this site.

Sexy maid Richmond

Our is We guarantee you will appreciate our confidential and discreet way of handling your cleaning appointment at your home or office location. We appreciate you stopping by bikinimaidservice. Fourth, The balance due will be collected by the Maid, at the time we arrive for your first scheduled cleaning service appointment. A: YES. We have Maids you can view here on the site. We may also have Maids not yet ed on the site, so we can or text you their pictures after you book your first appointment. We do take specific Maid request from the Client but will not guarantee the Maids availability at the time of your scheduled service.

However, as a general rule, if both the Client and Maid can work it Sexy maid Richmond in their schedules, the specific Maid request is usually honored. A: No. We never would, because we despise that sort of thing. But we recognize that for a service like this, you would want your personal information kept confidential.

Sexy maid Richmond

Our Clients and Maids love this about our business model. Not without your written permission. Upon your request, we will send you occasional s with our monthly or seasonal specials. We can always remove your name if you changeyour mind. A: If for any reason, we determine that the home or office location is unsafe for our Maid to work, we will decline service and the deposit is non-refundable.

This has never happened yet. A: Our housekeeping services are based on an hourly rate; please see our pricing for specifics. Prices can vary depending on your location and the request of a specific Maid. Specialty add-on services are available, and we may adjust your pricing at our discretion based on the condition and size of your home or office location.

However, our 6 and 12 month contracts are priced very similar to a regular cleaning service. Therefore, why not have your house cleaned by one of our young, sexy bikini Maids, if the hourly price is similar to a service you currently use, yet only offers regular cleaning attire. A: Obviously, we run specials throughout the year. Fathers Day, Christmas, etc. Please for special offers available at this time. At the first appointment, the balance due must be paid in cash at the location. We do accept company checks after a Client relationship has been established with a 6 or 12 month contract, as this cleaning service is tax deductible for business locations and some home office locations.

A: Your Sexy maid Richmond will do cleaning, light housekeeping and cooking duties. The Maid reserves the Sexy maid Richmond to refuse any requests that may be demeaning, dangerous, and illegal. The Maid will be happy to mix a drink for you, bring you a sandwich, and do any activity that any Maid would normally do for their Client.

Sexy maid Richmond

As far as specific services we provide, there are a variety of cleaning services we provide. A: Only the Client and one approved Client guest is allowed on site, at the time the Maid is working at your location. Our Maid walks in with only a night bag of which she has her bikini and lingerie attire. All food, cooking utensils, and cleaning supplies must be provided by the Client. A: Please let us know, via text orat least 1 calendar day before your regularly scheduled appointment.

Sexy maid Richmond

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