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Please direct web site problems or comments to tcoeweb tcoe. Listed below are the descriptions written by the nominators for each of the students. View the two- ad. View a list of the nearly 6, students nominated this year. View the honorees and finalists in each pillar category celebrated at the Provident-Salierno Family Foundation Kids of Character Reception. Aimee is more than willing to help her classmates in and outside of the classroom, whether it is helping with simple tasks such as tying shoes or sharpening a pencil or helping students read difficult text and making sure they can easily log into their Chromebooks.

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Aimee is always ready with a smile on her face to help anyone in need. She is a student that we can all count on when we need a helping hand. If Aimee notices that a student is having a hard day, she does not hesitate to try to help them feel better by offering them kind words or lending an ear to allow them to talk about why they are feeling sad. Aimee understands the power of offering to just be a friend to someone who may otherwise find it difficult to make connections with peers.

It is a blessing to have her in my classroom and I am excited to watch her grow, not only academically, but also as a kind and caring individual. She is always volunteering and helping others. Arshpeet helps organize various fundraising events on campus involving issues such as mental health awareness and breast cancer awareness.

Last year, she helped organize our blood drive which collected over pints of blood for our community. Arshpeet volunteers at Kaweah Delta Hospital on Saturdays. She has volunteered many times with Adaptive Sports with Children's Hospital. Arshpeet is the student that is always looking for ways to help others. She is caring in everything she does.

She comes in before school and stays after school to help others. When we have new students our school, she volunteers to take them around and includes them at lunch and breaks. She is faithful to help others around her, whether it is with schoolwork, clean up time, or noticing an unhappy emotion and offering comfort and a listening ear.

Makaylah also cares deeply about making sure that she and others around her have the opportunity to learn at school. More than once, I have caught Makaylah gently reminding her neighbor to listen and stay on task. It is clear that Makyalah does this out of a sense of caring about the learning opportunities of herself and others. Makaylah has generously offered her time after school to help with classroom tasks that need to be done to help prepare for the next school day. By noticing others and her environment, then choosing to act in helpful ways, Makaylah demonstrates her caring Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare at school every day.

Aside from always doing his work, he accepts new challenges and is part of the GATE program. Ricardo gives his best with a positive attitude and can be counted on. Aubrey Orozco John F. She comes to school every day with a big, bright, beautiful smile on her face. I can always count on Aubrey to be on task in whatever I am asking her to do. There is never a moment where I doubt she is doing the right thing at the right time.

She is an example to her peers, and always tries her best to go above and beyond what she is asked to do. He comes to school every day ready to learn and ready to be of service to others, which is rare for his age. I can always expect to see Mateo first thing in the morning, right at even though class does not start until He uses the extra 30 minutes every day to work toward his reading goals. He has already read several books ificantly above his reading level because of his interest and dedication!

Nevertheless, his dedication and responsibility do not stop at what he does for his own learning. Mateo is constantly taking responsibility for others, as well. I can tell that he wants everyone Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare feel included and cared for. Once, as we headed out for an extra recess time a very special rewardI saw Mateo walking with a student that was using crutches for a sprained ankle.

I saw Mateo lean over and ask the student, 'Can I sit with you instead? However, at that moment he prioritized including that student. I was inspired! Mateo has exceptional character, and he intentionally exhibits it often. Nathan has Autism.

He excels in academics.

Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare

He can read higher-level books, does math, Iread on the Chromebooks, and loves to sing. Nathan checks in on a visual schedule when he arrives at school. His daily schedule is preloaded for him to know what the day looks like for him. Nathan attends school from in Mrs. He visits RSP twice a day and has help from instructional aids in his regular classroom. Nathan has overcome many challenges throughout his life and continues to have a positive attitude about most things, except keeping his shoes on.

His favorite subject is lunchtime with his friend Antonio, who also has Autism. I believe that Nathan deserves this award for responsibility because he tries hard to always do what he is supposed to be doing. If you visited Mrs. His timers go off all day long to let him know when it is time to work, time for a break, time to put his shoes back on, and time to go home. He usually has a positive attitude and enjoys learning new things. She speaks politely when asking for clarification of directions. She encourages her classmates to be respectful in class as well as out of class. Naija is part of a group of students who have been working with the school district's Director of Food Services to improve the quality of cafeteria food here at our school.

With Naija's respectful tone during academic discussions and willingness to use her voice, progress has been made in making improvements in the quality of the food, which has resulted in a new menu for our campus. Students and staff are extremely grateful for the hard work Naija and her team have put Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare on this project.

Naija has been a great addition to our school and we are so glad she is here. We are better because she is part of our campus. She is kind, well-mannered, and constantly wanting to help others that need a friend.

Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare

When she was in the Transitional Kindergarten classroom, she was very scared and nervous. But over time, she has overcome that fear and it has made a tremendous academic impact for her now that she's in Kindergarten.

Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare

She is always ready to learn, always has a smile on her face, and is a great student. She demonstrate the characteristics of a great student leader. He also is very respectful to me and other adults. He pays attention in class and participates when asked to. Adan shows not only the pillar of respect, but he also demonstrates other pillars of character. He is a trustworthy, responsible, and fair student. He plays well with others and is always willing to help.

He is a student that I know I can trust with any task and he will work hard to be successful. She exemplifies responsibility because she arrives to school on time, prepared and ready to learn. She has a positive attitude and is always kind, caring, and compassionate with her classmates.

Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare

She takes responsibility for her education by completing her independent work with quality. I can always count on her to help with extra jobs in the classroom. I know that with her consistent dedication to being a responsible second grade student that she will continue to excel in all areas of her schooling. She has demonstrated kindness in my classroom by offering up her own personal pet turtle for adoption by our class so that her classmates may enjoy a class pet.

He has been a part of my water polo and swim programs for the past 3 years and I have not met a teenage boy who has more respect for himself and others during my year tenure. He is quick to help his teammates, whether it is in the pool or in their personal lives.

He helps new players learn the rules of the game and takes the time to show others how to better their game. He is always very welcoming to new players and treats them all respectfully. Brandon is very patient and does not yell or lose his temper. He listens to his teammates and coaches, alike, as he is considerate of the input and opinions of others.

He is honest and respectful to his coaches.

Women seeking extreme encounters Tulare

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